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The Black Omega Squadron is a top secret Black Project, run and funded by Psi-Corp. Psi-Corp is an independant civilian organisation, answerable only to the President of the Earth Alliance, committed to the training and regulation of the growing Telepathic community.

However, they have a hidden agenda to eventually control normal human beings under their current leadership. The Psi-Corp assumes a paramilitary-military style role through the 'Blood Hound' units and The Black Omega Squadron, when circumstances allow.

Here is the history of the Black Omega unit, the unit which shows Psi-Corp's full potential and power. This Space Squadron shows how motivated, how well financed and how organised the Psi-Corp is.

A History:

2245 - Earth-Minbari war broke out after a terrible missunderstanding between cultures. As the Shadows say, out of pain and conflict, strength is born. The beginnings of the Black Omega Squadron were seen during this war. No telepaths were official allowed to join Earth Force due to the obvious complexities of having to deal with orders coming from non-telepaths. Many were hurried into service as fighter pilots during E.A tests, many died quickly as most pilots did against the Minbari. However, telepaths from the Stronger end of the scale, such as P.10s and P.12s began to cheat the tests, pretending they had neither a strong telepathic ability or the aptitude to fly Starfury fighters. The Psi-Corp however noticed the potential in the idea and began to draw up plans of capturing several Minbari fighters for a covert mission to capture and detain a much needed Minbari Warship for study.

2246 - Several Nial Minbari fighters had been captured by the Psi-Corp, using shuttles with around 10 to 15 P.10s+. The pilots all dying from brain hemorages, leaving the craft intact. The war as a whole was not going well for Earth, a victory for the Psi-Corp would boost their popularity on Earth with normals, that was the plan anyway. The Psi-Corp's gamble had paid off but now the Earth President did not want to gamble anymore and ordered the fighters be placed under scientific study, they were not to be wasted in a potentially fatal mission. Tweleve were captured and studied, one being secretly kept by the Psi-Corp for their own studies.

2247 - Psi-Corp were having more luck with the captured fighter due to their ability to torture captured Minbari far more effectively than Earth Force. Earth Force managed to gain some experience with the Laser weaponry of the craft but learnt little else. The Psi-Corp however learnt of it's ability to heavily reduce the fighter's signature in space, giving it great stealth cabilities over human sensors. A less powerful version of this was grafted onto a test StarFury, becoming the first Advanced Starfury of it's kind. The possibility of capturing a Minbari Capital ship had been lost however, the Minbari had become wise to the presence of Human telepaths and had begun a much more wider use of their own telepaths, putting telepaths on their Capital ships and by making telepaths accompany fighter patrols.

2248 - The Minbari, after fighting their way to the Sol system, bypassing Mars, came straight for Earth. After destroying the remnants of the Earth Alliance fleet in orbit at the Battle Of The Line, they surrendered and retreated back into Minbari space. No Human knew the reason for this for a long time. However, by bypassing Mars the 'Psi-Corp Advanced Squadron' based at their headquarters on Mars, was never tested in a Battlefield combat situation. The Squadron would lay dorment for years until it's full potential was realised and some one with the organisational skills to make it work on an instellar level would come along.


An advanced Aurora StarFury, the main operating craft of the Psi-Corp. It is quite plausible that these the Aurora will be replaced by an Advanced Thunderbolt model, which posses much more versatility.

This picture is a rare glimpse of the Psi-Corp mother ship, a modified star liner. Believed to be used to listen in on other worlds both telepathically and conventionally by remaining in hyperspace, which boosts the telepathic signal. It is believed to be the home of the Black Omega Squadron too. It is serviced by modified Black Omega Shuttles that also act as mini-carriers of upto six attached fighters to save on fuel and act as a C&C vessel with more telepaths on bored. This ship is extremely secretative, only Psi-Cops would know of it's exsistance.

Known Pilots of the Black Omega Squadron were Alfred Bester, reported to be the founder of the modern Black Omega Unit, and his apprentice Byran. Upto 20 were observed in one action against an Earth Force squadron blockading Babylon 5.

After the telepath war with the Psi-Corp, it was pressumed the Black Omega squadron did not survive as all the pilots were Psi-Cops loyal to Alfred Bester. The Unit was disbanded but the concept was carried through to Earth Force, who were allowed to recruite telepaths due to new equality laws.